Is it time to quit LinkedIn? Not just yet..

Like many, I became frustrated by my LinkedIn homepage, which contained many irrelevant articles, jokes and Facebook style commentary. In my quest for a solution, I stumbled across what I believe is THE game changing, killer personalization feature. LinkedIn has now become my Number 1 content source for Technology news and I don’t have to read anything else. The only problem is – this unknown feature has not been publicized, so it is well hidden and not easy to find.

How did I do it? It is remarkably easy when you know how.





UNFOLLOW allows you to remove a person’s content from your HomePage while staying connected to the individual.

I adopted the ‘3 strikes and you are out’ method for managing my home page. If you post more than 3 articles which I am not interested in, then it’s time to use the UNFOLLOW.

If you UNFOLLOW someone by mistake, you can always go to Privacy & Settings > Blocking and hiding > Unfollowed > Change to Follow them again.



Now I don’t have to put up with those really annoying posts and I come to one place for all my Tech News. Thanks to LinkedIn for an amazing feature!

If you found this tip useful, please feel free to connect or follow me on LinkedIn. Hopefully I will be able to make the cut for your personalized news page 🙂