The 5 Cs of Digital Transformation: Customer, Challenge, Collaborate, Creativity, Costs

We think that DigiVue has something significant to offer in the Digital Transformation Consulting space. We think our clients should always lead on business strategy. Our clients are the experts in their business, not us. We work together with in-house customer teams and empower them to create new business models and to innovate. This is achieved through sharing great quality knowledge and content, which helps clients to understand the latest technological advancements and how they may be affected. This is a collaborative and integrated process, which ensures continuity long after the consultant has left. Ultimate success will depend on matching any strategic vision to internal capabilities and creating efficient core processes which drive the value chain.

At DigiVue we came up with the 5 'Cs' paradigm, the core values which underpin a successful Digital Transformation.

(C)ustomer – Laser like focus on the customer, any customer experience should be simple, intuitive and delightful.

(C)hallenge – With technology changing everyday it is necessary to abandon old mental models and ways of thinking, Clients need to challenge the mainstream, any complexity and the status quo.

(C)ollaborate – Traditional silos must be broken down with a focus shift to knowledge sharing, with everybody working together to achieve the vision

(C)reativity – Clients must be encouraged to be creative, to think outside the box, to generate ideas which can be used to drive growth

(C)osts – Companies want higher profits year on year. This can be achieved with tighter controls on costs. Technology can be used to reduce costs significantly